Need tips on priorization & delegation for the nclex!

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Using linda lacharity book but not grasping the questions!!!! Need help


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I have two weeks until i take the nclex and i am still not grasping delegation and priorization. I keep getting stuck on questions and kinda confuse with care between lpn and cna some of the options are not obvious to point out. I am going lil crazy and need to know if i am really grasping the content in this book. It seems very helpful but i dont know! Any suggestions anyone?


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found some articles regaridng prioritazation at check it might help :-)

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if you are not grasping the questions, you should "consider" rescheduling your nclex exam. prioritization requires an understanding of nursing content and (disease processes) pathophysiology. this is what you may not be grasping. it can be confusing. :bugeyes: are at home, in a comfortable location, studying when you feel like it. the nclex testing environment will be completely different. you may be extremely anxious, stressed, etc. while taking your boards. if you are not comfortable with where you are with your studying/review may not be ready for the nclex.

consider meeting with one of your nursing program professors that you had a good relationship with. maybe he/she can help you to better understand prioritization. once you have done this, also consider -- starting over with lacharity. see how well you do the second time around with the chapter questions and case studies.

i suggest you reschedule your nclex and give yourself more time to study. an additional week or two may be all you need. :up:

good luck!


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thanks guys for the advice! i feel confident i just get stuck on some question its no doubt that i am ready for the nclex. i am going to continue what i am doing and i talk to my review coach and she insist to keep working on the book and do questions. I am home and studying everyday but next week i will be at the library in quiet area getting focus on doing questions. :wink2:

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