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I am a cna in ltc. When I got hired, one person told me I would only be guaranteed 2 days a pay period (two weeks) and another told me to count on 8-9 days per pay period, both admin. I thought, okay, i will find another job to supplement a 2 day pay pd, then I got 7-9 days and could not follow thru w/ plan A. Now, 3 months into employment, I get 5 days per pay pd. When hired, I was told I would work every other holiday and every other weekend. I just worked three weekends in a row, and was relieved to find I finally had one weekend off. I do have a family and I do have a life. Well, of course we have the eternal call-off problem so I was called in both Sat. and Sun. i often do get called in which makes it difficult to plan to do anything. I usually get called in 2 hrs. before start time. Yes, I needed the extra days, but I also need a chance to be with my family. Since hubby works M-F that is all we have. I cannot pay the bills w/ a 5 day pay and cannot function well as a human being w/out time w/ family. Are all facilities like this, or just mine? I recently interviewed with a staffing company and was offered 6 days of work on the spot, two weekends in a row! Not only that, they expect me to drive over 60 miles one way! No can do! Does anyone have any suggestions? I am tired of hearing myself complain.

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I'm not sure what area you are from, but here when you work agency, you can pick your days and facility. As far as being on staff, when they call you in...just say no (unless you need the $$) Our CNA staff gets every other weeked off. Call offs are common, so many times extra shifts are open. Look for other places to work. I'm sure you will find a job that would fit your schedule.

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IMHO that's just how nursing homes are.

I've worked in several, and their staffing is awful.

People always calling in and the facility was always working short.

Sounds like they are using you for call in and fill in where ever.

It just all depends on what you want.

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