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Need suggestions for keeping license current

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Back story: I was an RN for 12 years in a major teaching hospital, with ICU experience and ACLS certification. Then I worked 2 years for a large insurance company as a pre-authorization nurse. Then I moved overseas for several years and my license expired. I have been away from the bedside for 7 years. When my husband and I returned to the states, my old boss at the insurance company offered me a job similar to my old job, but I had to reinstate my license as a job requirement. I went to the time, trouble and expense to do that, only to find that the insurance company in the interim fell on hard times and the job was no longer available as they decided not to fill positions when nurses left. Grrrrr! I applied for several months to jobs at various hospitals and tried to call in my old contacts, but was informed that there was a hiring freeze in our city and there were NO jobs at either hospitals or SNFs, except for the usual full time night shift emergency room jobs . . . Several of my nursing buddies confirmed for me that this was not just a rumor, but a fact. I never even got a response to any of my applications.

I called the American Red Cross and the public health dept. and free clinics looking for volunteer positions as I was told these could count toward keeping my license current, and was told by everyone I contacted that due to the hiring freeze/shortage of nursing positions, as well as all the new grads in the area, they were glutted with nurse volunteers who also needed hours to keep their licenses current, and therefore they didn't need any volunteers!!!

This all happened last year. Since that time, we have added to our family and I now have infants to care for. That means I'm not open for night shifts and full time employment. I really feel desperate. What I want is to work part time in a non stressful environment, and positions like these were plentiful when I was last active in nursing, but not anymore, at least, not where I live (portland, oregon). My license is sure to expire again in another year because I will not have worked enough hours to keep it current. I do not plan to ever reinstate my license so if it goes, it goes. I'm out of a career.

I was hoping that maybe there was some type of job that I could do from home or online. Someone mentioned doing workmen's comp intake forms for a national company, but I have no idea how to find out about that sort of thing. Do such jobs actually exist?

I find this whole situations so bizarre. I was a good nurse and used to get stopped by managers in the corridors who would ask me if I wanted to come work in their department. Now I can't even get a moment face to face with a human being.

Hi ~

I'm in a similiar position. I've never had a problem getting a job before but after not doing any 'hands on' nursing in 7 years I'm thinking I may have to take a refresher nurse course...The trouble is when I looked for the refresher nurse cousre at our local college it wasn't being given anymore.

Anyone with any suggestions, I'd be very grateful.


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Similar situation experienced here, once upon a time.... I'd been successful in many areas of Nursing, and at the top had worked one year ER, one year ICU (specialty Neuro post op) Had to go out on Disability... post chemo, radiation, chronic fatigue (i'll spare you all the details and heartache) 13 years later, I was ready, willing and NOT able to return, EVEN after I re-licensed, thru KAPLAN prep for NCLEX, sat and passed that, but then to find a job was nearly impossible... eventually after 9 months found a rehab (drug, ETOH and detox facility, and I'm back active, but still unable to even get an INTERVIEW for a real MS or CLINICAL based position... not even get a return call much less an interview... Locally there is a refresher course, that re-certs you for IV, shows you some new(er) equipment, but mostly takes your money, but I can't fathom, getting this accomplished, while working F/T and the cost isn't as EZ, and there still isn't any GURANTEE that this will get you in the door and hired, it's a gamble I'm not willing to take.. So, I continue on working in PSYCH, and Chemical Dependance... rehab... I enjoy the C/D and rehab, not long term and it's dynamic, you DO make a difference and every communication is a learning tool for the client... but the Psych is LONG TERM, not dynamic, not much learning, not much improvement, more of housing, basic needs and too much threat of voilance and physical harm and stress toward staff. I'd love to have the chance to return to ER or ICU and care for patients that could benefit by my ability to assess, and act via approved standing orders and to heal and return patients to their homes, family and productive lives... Now with F/T Charge and a year of House Supervision (in C/D Rehab)

Why can't the Hospitals realize, taking on someone like myself, I'd only need a limited re-orienting and limited precepting to then have me pretty much up full steam, as my priortizing, teaching, delegating and all other skills are still intact / already well honed along with communication... just amazed at how they aren't willing to retain (not retrain) experienced nurses... Another option but it's expensive is to get my MS for teaching, and that would add years to my work life, but I'm not sure it's financially feasable, as that'll cost about 20.000, and I wouldn't earn that much more over the next many years, teach doesn't pay as much as specialty units...

Well, I don't have any other advice , or answers.... and will likely have to retire, at 62...

I didn't read through all the post and I know this might be too late but have you applied with any of the insurance companies? There are so many of them doing telephonic nurse and other nurse stuff.. some at home and with your experience you might get right in...


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Out of work for 3 years due to spinal surgeries... state licensure requirements changed, in the meantime, so in 2014 I need to show that I've put in 587 hours of actual nursing practice in the preceding 3 years. Am currently providing care for my dad, who has Alzheimers... does anyone know if this can be used to meet the nursing practice hour requirement for license renewal? Thanks, everyone!

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IMHO, you'll need experience behind you to handle Worker's Comp at home. Worked as a WC field case manager years ago, and during slow times was called into the office for telephone case management.

Company will have to be convinced that you're serious, will be capable of handling the position, have excellent telephone and nursing skills, are PC competent, and will stay working for them for more than a short stint.

Training will of course be required, which they'll consider as an investment. And they won't wanna throw away their investment money.

Good luck!


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What about being an RN volunteer patient advocate. Ie help people navigate the health care system. Community health nursing