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Hi people! I need some advice. So, today I received a phone call that I could transfer into a different nursing program but I have to make an 75% on a test that covers med-surg I and II on july 23rd. If I pass I will be able to transfer in 3rd semester and start by retaking Peds and OB, which is a BIG plus because I don't have to start over! I failed out of one program due to clinical in OB and pediatrics but med-surg I was able to make a B. I was just wondering if anyone could recommend any books or study guides that they found helpful in med-surg. I'm also taking patho over the summer and I work so I don't know if I should quit my job and study med-surg all day or what! Thanks for ay input!


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med surg success and medsurg review and rationales books are good. I'd use those. I've used/use both and love them

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since you've been in one nursing program already you know there is a difference between knowing the information and applying the information that you know to problems that you are presented with (critical thinking). did you ask what was going to be on this test that you have to take on july 23rd? it is primarily information about med/surg disease and treatment or is there critical thinking involved? what areas of med/surg are involved? they can say med/surg i and ii but what areas of the body are they actually covering? ask. this school may teach different body systems in their med/surg i and ii than the school you went to. once you know what body systems are being covered it is a matter of knowing the major diseases in each of those body systems. for each disease you need to know:

  • cause of the disease
  • its pathophysiology
  • signs and symptoms (they progress in a distinct course from mild to severe)
  • how the doctor's diagnose it
  • lab and diagnostic tests to diagnose, treat and manage it (docs generally treat the symptoms and occassionally the cause)
  • medical treatment
  • nursing care

you need to read your textbook on the care of the surgical patient undergoing general anesthesia and the complications of general anesthesia.

the big problem that i find is that many students fail to learn what the nursing process is and what goes on in each step. the nursing process in the problem solving method we use and how we rationalize our decisions in nursing (think critically). you need to know this to answer many test questions correctly. see

these websites will help you with the pathophysiology, cause and signs and symptoms of medical diseases. nursing care is based on what the doctor orders as well as focusing on treating the same symptoms that the doctor is treating except we institute independent nursing actions for some of the symptoms where the doctors are able to order drugs or other measures.

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