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Need specific info for my Plantar Fasciitis


So my feet are killing me, and I've seen ads for night splints online. Could someone recommend a specific brand of night splints for plantar fasciitis that you have found helpful?


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We can't offer specific medical advice, but there have been numerous threads on this subject. If you do a search for "plantar fasciitis or foot pain" I'm sure you'll find the information you need.

Hope you feel better soon!

Yeah, I've done a search on the topic, but no one has mentioned a specific brand of splints, which is what I'd like recommendations on. Thanks.

I too suffer greatly from plantar fasciitis. I purchased the strassburg sock. http://www.thesock.com/howitworks.html It helps but did not "fix" the problem. I have purchased dansko professional shoes, they were ok but I would still get flair ups. I also bought a pair of Brooks to help the pronating. Ok but not perfect. I just got off of working 5 12's in a row and needless to say I was in a great amount of pain. So I decided to try another pair of shoes. I bought Nike Shox and wore them 8 hours with no heel pain whatsoever. IMO, icing the foot helps, taking an anti-inflam. helps, the sock helps, taping the bottom of your foot helps, orthotics help, but nothing made it go away but the Nike Shox. I have learned though that everyone is different. I found the arch support in the Shox AMAZING! Right when you try them on you feel the support. I continue to wear the sock. Some where I read you should wear it at least 2 weeks. In addition to the sock, I would find the perfect pair of shoes! Good luck!


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sometimes pain in the feet can be related to a disc problem have you had this checked out? what about orthotics? have you tried seeing an osteopath ? they are wonderful. most of the people I know who have used splints have found them to be cumbersome and useless. standing for long periods of time on concrete is the culprit.


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I went to a podiatrist who dx my foot pain problem as plantar fascitis. He showed me how to use water proof tape to fashion a "support slipper" on the sole of my foot which gave me relief. Basically, you tear strips to cover the sole horizontally, then vertically from the ball of the foot to the heel. Once this is done you tear one long strip to outline the lateral sides and heel. This piece was used to catch the ends of all the other pieces. It was quick and easy to fashion and I probably didn't use a whole role of tape during the period of time that I was using this remedy.

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I had plantar fasciitis and wow was it painful. What worked for me was wearing Birkenstock shoes. Once I got used to them, the pain was gone, and my feet were very very comfy.

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