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Hey guys, so to make it quick I’m a 25 year old nurse working on a busy step down floor making around 78k per year which I absolutely hate and really need to find something else. The job is so stressful and working the night shift is ruining my life. Due to crypto/investments I have around 500k net worth. Is there any non bedside careers in healthcare that I would be able to get with only 6 months experience? If anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it. I just can’t do this job anymore and need to make a change asap.

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That might be the one area of nursing where it won't be super easy finding a job about now. Nurses are leaving the bedside in droves so those non-bedside positions are likely pretty competitive. 

That being said there are shortages across the board so while it might not be easy to find something away from bedside I also don't think it will be impossible despite your limited experience.  Start looking at job boards and applying to whatever interests you. Better yet if you know any nurses with the type of job you are interested in start networking, ask if they know of any openings. 

Whatever you decide don't just quit your job without another offer in place despite being able to afford it. Finding a new job is easier when you have a job. Employers tend to not like a gap in employment, especially when they are well aware the job market is wide open.  So that gap would be a lot harder to explain in a way that won't make you sound like you left just because you didn't like it. Even though that would be the truth no prospective employer wants to hear that. 

In the meantime, can you transition off nights to a day or afternoon position? Even if it's the same floor a schedule change might help and it sure won't hurt to ask your manager if that's a possibility.  You can also look internally  for open positions, a transfer to another floor might help if there's an open position away from nights. Depending on hospital policy of course but I would think 6 months is probably long enough to be eligible for a transfer.

If there's nothing open in your current place and you truly can't stand it anymore expand your search to other bedside positions both in competing hospitals and away from acute care. You might take a significant cut in pay away from acute care, you might not. I have no clue what the job market and salaries are like where you live but I'd be surprised if there aren't plenty of opportunities out there. 

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I'm not sure where you live, but companies in my area are desperate for outpatient nurses. They're all extremely competitive and keep building clinic after clinic! Many jobs are posted as "no experience required". This may not be the case in a small town. Are you willing to move near a bigger city where multiple companies are competing for nurses? 

That being said, inpatient nurses move to the outpatient setting thinking it will be "easier". It's an extremely busy pace and you'd be responsible for hundreds of demanding patients. I have seen many young nurses return to the inpatient setting.

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Everyone above has given some good advice.

One thing I want to mention is have your thought of trying for a different bedside nursing job first? Inpatient floor nursing is TOUGH. Nights are miserable for those who struggle with that shift. I never did inpatient nursing (new grad ER nurse and then to pre-op and PACU) and never want to seeing how all the nurses are run into the ground. Have you thought of day shifts or a different speciality? There are lots of options from ICU to ER to surgical nursing, etc.

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