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a friend of mine is leaving the Virgin Islands,and moving to texas.She is staying here with me,and my wife in our guess house for now,because she lefted her abusive boyfriend.she has family in the ft worth,and Arlington area

where she will be staying.She is a LVN with 3 to 5 years experience,can some help with some job leads.There in that area,because career builder does not have much.A lot of employers don't advertise due to the cost.She will arrive at dfw on sunday nite the 18 of april.So please help if you know of any openings for a full time LVN.Please let us know by post or pm.

Thank You


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Does she have authorization to work in the US and a Texas license?


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for you all that don't know the United States Virgin Islands is a U.S. territory.They get social security cards just like us.They have all the same rights as we do,no paper work,or immigration needed,or passport to live and work here.OH my fault I should have said USVI,because there are the British Virgin Islands also,which is another country all together.Yes she does have tx license,thank you for your reply.By the way how are things in texas,use to live there,but it left a bad taste in my mouth,but the people where friendly,and they often spoke,something you don't get up north.

Thank you

my best suggestion would be to search the local hospitals, etc via internet. I live about 2 hours west of the dfw area in a town of about 89,000 and about 90% of the medical businesses require you to fill out the application online. Kudos to your friend for moving on and away from a bad situation, good luck to her.:yeah: