This is my 1st time here. I really just wanted some answers and advise from real people on an issue. I'm hoping someone can help and I want to thank you in advance for your time. I worked in Texas as an LVN from 2000-2009 when I was ordered by the court to surrender my license because of a felony conviction for obtaining controlled substance by fraud. Now 5 years later I've had no more legal issues and have turned my life around completely. I recently found out that it is possible to reinstate my license and I'm getting frustrated with all the info I'm finding on how to do so. Can anyone give me a simple step by step to getting started and maybe an idea of what to expect or words of advise? I know that I have to write a letter requesting permission to reinstate but no clue what to include in the letter. Also would a lawyer be the best idea and, if anyone knows, an estimate of cost for a lawyer. I know I put ALOT in this but any info at all would be so appreciated. Again thank you for your time!

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I moved your thread to this forum for the best response. This is a moderated forum so you may see a delay in your posts and responses. There are many nurses here who can help you navigate the waters.