Need a RN PAX Tutor



I am looking for a tutor for helping me pass the RN Pre entrance exam(PAX).

i have took the exam once,6 months ago and scored an 81 and need to improve my score.

would anyone recommend or know of any good tutors in NY,queens?

anyone have any suggestions?

also,anyone know the difference between medical assistant associate degree,certificate or a diploma?

please someone help me with these 2 questions??

i'm in such a big mess :(


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My advice to you is keep practicing the areas that you are struggling with using the study guide. I am scheduled to take the exam in a few weeks and that is what I do when I am having difficulty with practice questions. I am on the east coast and have been unsuccessful finding a tutor.


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thank you so much for replying!

ive been doing that,and the problem is that i keep on studying and think that i got my mistakes but when i go take the test i dont make it enough points to pass :(

and im on the east coast too,and have the same problem finding a tutor as well..


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You are welcome. I use the study guide but I also use Here you can try Entrance to Nursing Exams and NLN Prep it has lessons and timed practice tests. You will be able to try it for free for a few days. It has been worth the money so far. I will be taking the test in a few weeks.


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I took HESI and PAX and aced both, but I am an adult and I was taught by the old rote methods, not whatever half-fast thing they must be using nowadays.

What areas are you weak in? I took the PAX and HESI at age 50 and it had been a long time since I had to do, say, pencil and paper math. Here was my study plan:

-- Bought the ATI HESI preentrance exam study guide and I used it. Did not buy any guide for PAX or NLN.

-- Downloaded a pdf of the McGraw Hill nursing school preentrance exam study guide book. Worked for me. HESI & PAX & TEAS were all pretty much the same to me. (PM me & I will send it to you.)

-- Used Cliff Notes general biology book for general biology review

-- had taken college A&P and also microbiology before I sat for the HESI / PAX/ TEAS. Microbiology was the most useful.

-- I'm good at English / grammar / vocabulary, so no problems there. (I recommend GED English books as study guides if you need better scores there, though.)

-- Math was the one thing I was rusty on. I bought a GED math review book and worked my way through it. There were a lot of ratio and proportions problems on the PAX that I took in 2010. Manipulating equations to solve for an unknown. Maybe read a word problem and create an equation that you then use to solve for whatever they asked for. You took the test; you know what was on it. I think all of that was adequately covered by GED math review except maybe a couple of problems like converting units from English to SI/metric, like degrees F to degrees C and vice versa. I can't remember.

I worked through questions at this site for practice: TEAS® Exam Practice Questions - Raise Your Test of Essential Academic Skills™ Score with our unofficial TEAS® Review Strategies

I bought their TEAS Secrets book (pdf) but really all that's in it is test-taking strategies. That info is also covered on the Success nursing series or older edition cheap on ebay. And you can probably Google it and get general pointers for reading Q&A and identifying distractors and choosing the most-correct answer, etc. I think people get that in high school if not jr. high, due to all of the standardized testing.


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Google for practice tests like these: NLN PAX -- Practice Test 1 | Word Dynamo You get good at tests by practicing taking tests.

I swear that the HESI and PAX had almost exactly the same English test on each.


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Try this for science but I am not going to go through it and review it:

Specializes in Critical Care, Education. Has 35 years experience.

As for the question about various "end points" for Medical Assistant.... the for profit schools seem to be inflating this program to an "Associate Degree" in order to justify their outrageous costs. MA programs are set up to produce a graduate that then become certified in their state. So the educational outcome is a diploma which entitles the recipient to become certified by the state.

BUT - you need to refer to your state's regulatory rules to see what's what. In some states, MAs are regulated by a nursing board, but they could be regulated by some other regulatory body. In my state, I believe that both CNAs and MAs are regulated by the Department for Aging and Disability Services. You can find out just by Googling.


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Well, the OP never came back, I guess. OP, you don't need a tutor. All you need to do is put the time in and buckle down and study for that exam. You need to be good at self-teaching to get through R.N. school, or any college degree, really. "Read and cook," as my brother-in-law calls it. hehe

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very useful thanx for sharing :yes:

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iam so excited i come across this post coz iam was also looking for a tutor for sometime now. However, since we both live in the east coast and i wouldnt mind a study partner i figure we can help each other out and start a study group if you up for its ofcorse let me know what you think?