Need resume help! w/ nursing facility (subacute rehab) experience to hospital setting


Hello Nurses! I have gone desperate to be posting this needing your intellectual-judgment based help. I am a nurse working in a subacute care facility for 8 mos. since january and has decided to start transitioning to my goal to work in a hospital setting (as this was my first nursing job after graduating last 2010). I have been looking to transfer to a hospital since july. Until now, still no luck :( I have gone to several versions of my resume and this is currently what I've been sending out. I would like to know how can I improve it better. My resume is currently on 'clinical experience' category. I have been thinking if I should revert back to the old-style "Work experience" list and list all my work experience. The reason why i currently have this resume, if i do list all my work experience it would make two pages, and since I don't have that much of a legit nursing experience, doesn't make sense making two pages. Would you like to give feedback on my resume?I would gladly appreciate it. My goal is to manage to get in the hospital setting by the end of the year. I really want to work in a hospital as I need acute care experience for my goals.




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Licensed professional committed to excellence & results driven with sub acute care experience seeking position as a full-time Registered Nurse in a hospital setting; recognized as independent, self-starter, and a fast-learner with ability to multitask under minimal supervision. A certified BLS & ACLS provider with future goals that include obtaining a graduate degree and pursuing a specialty.

*Key Skills

Leadership & Management, Customer Service, Problem Solving


*REGISTERED NURSE (Charge/Staff Nurse) Jan. 7, 2013 - Present

Name of a Subacute Rehab Facility, NY

Maintain high quality care to short & long term patients in a skilled nursing facility on a 40 to 50-bed unit capacity. Facilitate patient admissions, transfers, and discharges. Delegate responsibilities to a team of 4-5 assistant staff. Carry out physician orders of medication and treatment with cases such as: rehabilitation, hospice, TPN, use of peripheral, midline, and PICC line for IVT , tracheostomy, colostomy, GT/PEG feeding, wound vac therapy & management, Dementia/Alzheimer's care.

*Utilized flexibility regarding staffing needs in short & long term care setting maximizing knowledge in delivery of care.

*Active participation as multi-disciplinary team member providing professional patient care guided by its goals.

*Mentored & motivated incoming RN/LPN staff as addition to the team.

*STUDENT NURSE 2006-2010

Some University - City, Country

Completed 2,880 hours of related learning experience in hospital and community setting with 5 completed cases, as requirement, of each major and minor surgery, actual delivery, assist, and cord dressing as the scrub and circulating under supervision of a Nurse Instructor. Experienced in bedside nursing, creation & utilization of nursing care plan, health teaching with average ratio of 1:2.

*Maximized patient/community participation attaining common health goals.

*Managed & motivated a group of 12 as a leader Student Nurse, maintaining efficiency of work without delay.


*Bachelor of Science in Nursing, My University, City, Country, 2006-2010.


*ACLS Healthcare Provider - American Heart Association active until 07/2015.

*Registered Nurse - (New York) Active until 07/31/15; (New Jersey) Active until 05/31/15.

*BLS Healthcare Provider- American Heart Association active until 10/2/14.

*Essentials of IV Therapy - Omnicare - Some Facility, NY February 21 & 27, 2013.


*Sandwich Artist - July 2012-December 2012; Subway-County,State,

*Volunteer Research Assistant - March 2012; Retina Institute of California - County,CA

*Home Caregiver - February 2012; County, CA

*Physical Therapist Aide - January 2012-February2012; Brooklyn, NY

*Home Health Aide - August 2011 - January 2012; Something Inc. - Borough, NY

*Babysitter-Nanny - May 2011 - August 2011; Borough,NY


*Red Cross Youth Collegiate Council - Disaster Management Committee, Member (University City, 2006-2008)

*Voluntarios De Rescate - Kampo Uno Rescue Organization, Member (College City, 2005-2006)


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I wanted to suggest you consider long-term acute care hospitals or acute rehab hospitals in your area. It may be easier to get in there and use that as a stepping stone to acute care. I was in your shoes a year ago. I worked on a subacute floor for a year, then I transitioned to LTAC and have worked there for 15 months. The experience has been invaluable! I've learned so much and the patients are incredibly sick. I didn't realize how much of a difference it was from my subacute job until I started. I just got a job in a very-respected acute care hospital and I attribute that to the experience I've gotten in the LTAC hospital.

Just something to consider!

I think your resume looks great. If you have any leadership experience as a charge nurse, try to play that up.