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Hi! I need to come up with a problem in the nursing profession so that I can look up 5 research articles that relate and do a review paper. An example would be the nursing shortage problem or effective pain management but everyone does those so Id like to come up with something different. Any creative ideas? Keep in mind that I have to be able to find 5 published research reports on the subject!

How about a very up and coming potential "problem" in nursing? And that is that within the next decade (?) all states will probably mandate that all RN's be baccalaureate prepared. Several states have already mandated that RN's hold a BSN, and some research suggests that many more states will soon follow. I've read several articles on this, but can't recall if they have addressed the potential problems associated with this mandate, especially what it would mean to the more (ahem) tenured nurses. :coollook:

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The boards of nursing, the state hospital associations and organizations like state and national nursing associations fund research of timely nursing problems. This is just an idea, but I would try going to a couple of the websites of these state organizations (and don't just limit it to your own state) and look to see what they have there. The bigger the state, the more they may have to fund research. You might have to shell out some money to get a printing of the results of some of their research, but for a school article it would be worth it in my estimation. You might also try looking at the posts in the forum on allnurses that has to do with news.

Do you know how to find the websites of these organizations?


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daytonite, do you have the web address?


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How about horizontal violence? or

Aging nurse force?


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other possible issues/ problems:

safe staffing (mandatory nurse-patient ratios such as in california)

california nurses association vs american nurses association (big rift here)

assisted suicide, abortion vs right to life, etc.

adn vs. bsn entry level

maintaining rn competency (continual competency)

mandatory overtime

family presence during procedures/ codes

"open" visitation in icu's vs. restricted hours for family/ friends

agency nursing vs. regular staffing.

universal health coverage vs. traditional pay for service/ insurance

is health care a right or a privilege?

prescription drug costs- who should pay?

tort reform

managed care vs. fee for service care

complementary/ alternative healing practices vs. traditional "evidence-based" medicine

mandatory accreditation of schools of nursing

medication aide

nursing compact or "federal" licensure vs. states independently regulating nursing licensure

new grads in specialty units/ advance areas

online vs. traditional classroom in nursing education

moderator's reminder: these are suggested topics for the op for a paper, and many of these are "hot" issues. please do not hijack this thread by attempting to argue the "pros" or "cons" of any of these topics in this thread. start a separate thread in the appropriate forum to do so. thank you.

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daytonite, do you have the web address?

you can get links to the websites of any of the state boards of nursing by running you cursor over the "links" button at the top right of the page. a drop down menu appears. click on "state boards of nursing". a page comes up with an alphabetic listing of all the state boards of nursing. just pick the one you want and it's address and contact number along with a link to it's website will come up.

as for the state hospital associations, you'll just have to do a search for those. "(state) hospital association" should bring up hits with the one you want in the first couple of listings. - american nurses association - national league for nursing - listing of nursing organizations with links to their websites - many of these are nursing specialty organization whose publications contain the research of it's specialty nurses. most of the reproductions of their articles, however, are going to cost you and are not for free unless you have a library source where you can find get them in actual copies of their publications.

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How about the role of unlicensed assistive personnel?

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