Need a Quick Help on Registering for TEAS Test!!!


Hi guys I need a quick help on registering for TEAS test.

Every time I try to register by clicking register button on ati website, , it says "This exam is for TX State U applicants only! I understand all TEAS test registrations are final and will not be rescheduled or refunded".

What I'm really confusing about is that whether I really have to be an applicant.

and what should I do to become an applicant? Do I need to register for that school?

I mean I know it's a testing center.

Do I just need to pay for the fees and go on the due date and take the exam?

Please help!

Thank you so much for your time!


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If u don't attend Texas U OR aren't applying to their nursing program u just need to register for another date at another testing center that accepts everyone.


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Look for another exam site. That one only allows students at that school. Some testing sites are that way.


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You do not need to be applicant for that school to take the test. If you do take the test for that particular school then the score is send directly to the school. Let say you want the score to send to different school then you have to pay fee for the score to be sent to that school.