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Need Pregnant participant.

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My name is William. I am an LPN nursing student and have been given an assignment. I must find a person to follow through their entire pregnancy. I am nearing 50 and do not know anyone that is planning to become pregnant. The assignment requires that I track a person willing to verify with the school that they in fact did correspond with me throughout the 3 trimesters. I need to ask the expectant mother pertinent nursing questions relating to her pregnancy. This is an awkward assignment for me. All of our correspondence can be done online and I am hoping that someone here will be willing to help.

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What a strange assignment.

It is especially strange to give such an assignment to an LPN student considering a pregnancy is 40 weeks and an LPN program is approximately 12 months. You'll be spending over half your time in school working on this assignment.

Perhaps you would have better luck if you found a pregnancy support or expectant mother forum- there are gobs of them out there.


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I agree with Gomer42 about your program seeming lopsided. It would be impossible to follow someone from day 1 through 280.... LPN programs are usually more involved with all the med/surg, orth, ped, etc. areas and nursing procedures related to them.

I wonder if your classmates were assigned the same work as that you described, and what aspect of pregnancy was accentuated.

There are so many physical, and psychological factors to describe! Studying a book written for pregnant women that covers 3 trimesters, should be adequate to give you all the things that anyone who was pregnant, or planning pregnancy might be experiencing. You can borrow one from any library.

We are all off for the summer. The assignment was handed out to all students 6/18/09 on our last day. It is due October 2010. I agree it is strange. Unfortunately I am a student and do not get to make up the assignments. This is called a Portfolio Clinical Assignment. It has 4 sections OB, Alcoholism, Geriatric, and support. I attend Henry Abbott Vocational School in Danbury, Connecticut. It is a state school. The program director said that this is a state assignment. At the end of my first semester I have an A+ average. One thing I have learned is that it does me no good to complain about teaching methods or assignments. My goal is to get through this program and bridge over to become an RN. I am already doing all I can to keep a positive attitude regarding this assignment. I understand if you are unwilling to participate. All I need or want is one person that is in her first trimester that is willing to corespond with me. If you are not that person please keep the negative critisizm to yourself since it will not be productive to my goal. The school office is open durning the summer. Feel free to verify the validity of the assignment directly with Henry Abbott. 203-797-4460 ext 4467. My name is William Rioux and am in the evening program. Thank you in advance for your help.


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