Need preceptor for MSN in Public Health @ GCU


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Hello all, 

I am a student of GCU and in need of a preceptor for MSN in Public Health. The course is set to start in 3/9/2023 into 6/2023. I have searched all I can but to no avail. If anyone can help me please get in touch. I am in Pennsylvania, Lehigh county.  

Thank you. 

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Hello, I need a preceptor. I am near taking my last class in the Masters in Nursing with Emphasis in Public Health Nursing at Grand Canyon University. It's so hard to find a preceptor in my small town of Selma, Al. PLEASE HELP!🙏🏾

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Contact your county department of health agency along with Federally Qualified Health Center  or even state department of health for leads.

U.S.  Plublic Health Service has list various locations where staff work another place to make preceptor contacts.  

Best wishes in securing a preceptor -- all part of attending a distance education MSN program these days.

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I have done preceptor for MSN in a few different areas. I do have a Master's in Nursing Public Health. Let me know if I can help you. Most preceptors do charge a fee.