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I bombed my test today. I'm completely perplexed about what q's that I missed b/c I really thought that I got a high grade on it when i was done. I've already sent an email to my instructors about it, but now that we are on spring break, I don't know if I will hear from any of them before class resumes.

We have 4 tests left to take. 2 test in Neuro, and 2 tests in psych. I've heard that they are all 4 extremely hard. they are worth a total of 140 points all together. Out of the 140, I need to get 112 for the lowest possible C to pass this semester. I don't know what to do. I can only miss 28 out of 140....OUCH!! I can tell my work that I won't be working until further notice, and really concentrate on bringing that grade up, but do u think it's realistic?

Another thing, it's not like I haven't studied - I have! I can't really blame it on working too many hours b/c iIve had plenty of time to study - and I have! I'm just so dumb this semester. This is the 2nd test I've bombed. The first test I bombed, I understand why that happened, but I don't understand how I missed 15 out of 50 on this test! If I go at that rate until the end, I won't pass for sure!

I've done well the past 3 semesters. I've never been at a failing point, heck, I don't even thinnk iIve ever been at anything lower than a B by midterm. But, I'm by far an A student.

So, like I said, do u thinnk it's realistic for one to miss no more than 28 out of 148? Be honest.


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I know in nursing school some sections were harder on me than others. I would do better on some tests than others. Keep up the studying. Visit with your instructors.! You can do it!

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It ain't over 'till it's over! lol I did that too. Up until my last semester I had made nothing but A's in nursing school, then suddenly I was fighting just to graduate! It's a scary, scary feeling, but it can be done! If you don't have to work either by responsibility or for financial reasons, I would take off and give it everything you have to give. I know it sounds like an impossibility, but it's really not. You can do it girl!!!! NEVER GIVE UP!!!!


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