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Need Online CNA course ASAP

Starman Starman (New) New

Hi, does anyone know of any good online CNA courses? I need to be licensed by Jan 29th so I can apply for the Fall semester at my Comm. College to start my ADN. Is this possible? Thanks a lot, any help is much appreciated. Oh, and I am in NC if that matters. Thanks.


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Hey Starman, check with your state about challenging the exam. I live in Florida and they offer this opportunity; written and skills portion.

You can purchase any CNA book at a local bookstore and study. Also, check with local nursing homes, some offer the CNA class for a small fee or even free if you work for them. I am not sure what your situation is.

Other than that I don't know of any CNA course online.

Hope I helped some.

Good Luck!


Thanks a lot Lisa, but unfortunately my Comm. College won't accept me into the program if I challenge the exam, I have to actually take a course and get licensed. I will check with some nursing homes in the area though. Thank you very much.


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Check with local colleges to see if they are offering CNA courses in the mini-session between Fall and Spring semesters. Good Luck

I've checked everywhere in my area, there is nothing available in time.

Have you checked with your local chapter of the American Red Cross? Some of them offer CNA courses.

No NC Red Crosses offer them, I already checked. They say Community Colleges offer them so much cheaper that they stopped doing it.

If you can afford it, you may be able to travel somewhere for a week to take the course elsewhere. That may be your only option in so short a time frame. Good luck.