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hi addy,

below is just a short list of the many hospitals that may be offering nursing scholarships in exchange for work commitments; i'm sure there are many more.

also, i have a thread on this bb entitled,"nursing scholarships in exchange for work commitments," where i ask others to post any new info.

so, periodically check it out, or google it.

good luck!

nursing scholarships in exchange for work commitments.

1. children's hospital of atlanta offers two scholarships for nursing students -- one for bilingual nurses, and one general (chances) that repays up to $16,000/ year in tuition.

2. glendale memorial hospital & healthcare center (in california) offers student loan repayment in exchange for work commitments, tuition reimbursement, mentorship programs for new nurses. they have a partnership with mount saint mary's college.

3. washoe health system (reno, nevada) offers tution tuition reimbursement and has relationships with the university of nevada, reno, truckee meadows community college, and western nevada community college.

4. cvph medical center (pittsburgh, ny) offers a scholarship program for non-employees. this program has a designated number of slots per year and repays college loans for up to the last 2 years of college. tuition and books are paid by the hospital in exchange for a work commitment of one year at cvph for every semester sponsored.

5. columbia-st. mary's, inc. (milwaukee, wi) offers columbia-st. mary's, inc. offers student loan repayment in exchange for work commitments, tuition reimbursement. they have a relationship with columbia college of nursing.

6. rush copley medical center (chicago, il) offers student loan repayment, tuition reimbursement programs, and mentorship programs for new nurses. they have partnerships with aurora university, lewis university, and northern illinois university.

7. baptist hospital east (louisville, ky) offers the "knowledge program, which provides $2,500 per semester in exchange for a 6 month work commitment. they also provide $15,000 for accelerated students in exchange for a 3 year work commitment. baptist hospital also offers tuition reimbursement for employees.

8. boston medical center (boston, ma) offers tuition reimbursement, scholarships, and loan forgiveness for nursing students that make a work commitment. boston medical center also offers excellent benefits such as paying for continuing education for their nurses.

9. maryland general hospital (baltimore, md) offers scholarship and internship programs for rn students and grads. they also have a student nurse loan program, through which nursing

students can receive up to $5,000.00 per year to complete the junior and senior years (up to $10,000.00 total). upon graduation, the student would be obligated to work one year in a full time capacity as a registered nurse at maryland general hospital for each year of tuition paid by maryland general hospital.

10. oregon health & science university (portland, or) offers a tuition reimbursement and student loan repayment in exchange for work commitments. they also offer higher compensation for bsn-prepared nurses, and have mentorship and residency programs to give you more training.


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Hi Addy,

I know your post is from last summer. However, I am starting the accelerated BSN program at TCU in May and I am in the same boat. I was able to get enough in federal loans to get me through the Fall, but I will be short in May. And right now, loans for next summer are up in the air. I will have to re-apply for federal loans for next summer. I'm just curious what you ended up doing.

Hope everything worked out for you. If you are in the accelerated program, how is it going?

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