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Dear Nurse Beth,

I need some advice. I'm at a crossroads and I'm unsure where to go from here in terms of my nursing career. I started my nursing career on an inpatient oncology/hospice unit on night shift. I really liked the floor however I was tired of nightshift and I also wanted to move to a position where I could learn a little bit more (I saw mostly end stage cancer).

I took a position at a well known outpatient cancer center as an office practice nurse and I HATE it! I've been here for one year working mostly in multiple myeloma and leukemia. I stayed because I made my intentions clear with my manager that I eventually wanted to be moved to the infusion center. Long story short, that's not happening and I have no future at this company anymore. I'm looking for a new job ASAP, however I'm having a hard time because right now I'm paid extremely well and I do not work weekends or holidays. I know I will have to give up the holidays to go back to the hospital but I reallyyyyy do not want to start working every other weekend again. Per diem jobs are an option, however they require some weekends (one a month) which I am okay with but then I would have to get a part time job that has no weekend requirements for it to work out. I miss the hospital and acute care so I definitely want to take a per diem job but I need suggestions on a part time position in nursing that does not have any weekend requirements. PLEASE HELP!!

Dear at a Crossroads,

I'm sorry it's not working out for you at the outpatient cancer center.

Monday-Friday jobs in a hospital are typically non-clinical but there are exceptions. They include jobs in procedural areas, such as endoscopy, cath lab, diagnostic imaging and peri-op.  You may be expected to take call, though, and that may include weekend call. For example, even though endoscopy lab is closed on weekends, doctors may deem cases emergent on a Saturday or Sunday and the team would have to come in.

But there are lots of non-clinical Nursing Jobs in the hospital. You might think about palliative care nurse with your background. There's also PICC insertion teams in some hospitals, Quality, Documentation Specialists, Navigators, and more. Go to and set your filters to "no weekends" to see the range of jobs out there. Some hospitals have established treatment clinics, such as anticoagulation clinics, and discharge transition clinics.

It might be a good time to take the long view on your career. Look ahead a few years and imagine where you'd like to see yourself.  Management? Staff development? Case management? Infection Prevention? Where do your interests and talents lie?

Once you've identified your future goals, you can further your education if needed and start qualifying for your field of interest. An extra benefit is that once you actively focus on your exit plan, your current job may seem more tolerable, because you're not stuck.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth