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do i need the NET Study Guide?

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Hi all,

I'm taking the Nursing Entrance Test (NET) on March 15 (a requirement for Samuel Merritt College) and was wondering if I need to buy the study guide. It's $28+shipping and the reviews on Amazon said the book was kinda pathetic. I just took the TEAS exam and scored in the 99 percentile. Is the NET harder/easier? Money is really tight right now, but I can't imagine going into an exam without any prep. Does anyone have an old one they'd be willing to sell for cheap?

Also, any general advice or thoughts on the exam would be much appreciated.



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I am hopefully going to be taking the test in April. I did buy the book and read it through a few times because it can't hurt any. I also think it will lend a sense of security. If I was done with mine I would ship it to you, but need to do the practice tests a bit more.

I took the NLN today and that book is much more extensive so the NLN guide looks like fairly easy after that. Given your score on the TEAS my guess is you will be just fine, but see if your library has one just so you can get an idea of format, etc. I wouldn't go into it without that, but I am a worrier. lol


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I feel like the NET was just as easy as the TEAS, except for the reading section on the NET was more intense.

I never bought the NET book. I only had the TEAS and the NLN book and I did just fine (I think!). I'll never know what my NET score was. The school that I took it for won't give it out! I got an acceptance letter from them so can only assume I did well.

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