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Hi, I am Holli 25 years old and a mother to a 6-year-old daughter. I got my GED earlier this year (after years of procrastinating and scared to fail) After getting my GED I immediately applied for the college in my town. I am doing all the basics and prereqs. I'm going for their associate RN program (they don't have a bachelor) I plan on working as a nurse and then going back to get the bachelors. Right now I am taking Lifespan Psychology, English Composition, U.S History, Introduction to health professions, and a developmental math class (the only developmental class I need)

My goal is to take as many classes as I can to make this go quick so I can apply to the nursing program. What classes would you recommend taking with A&P1? I plan on taking that next semester. My advisor is the teacher of that class so she really wants me to pick it first.

Right now I'm making all A's and B's. Trying really hard to get my GPA up and stay up so I will have better chances of getting into the program. I'm not working so I have the time to do quite a bit of classes but just don't want to put too much on my plate to where I end up drowning and grades go down.

I would love any tips, advice, for a first-time college student and as a pre-nursing student. I know it will be hard but it is literally all I see myself doing. Thank you.

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Hello and congratulations on beginning your journey!

It sounds like you are pretty good at doing your research in terms of deciding which classes you need to take. Just be mindful that some nursing programs have varying requirements and to doublecheck their prerequisites just in case.

It also sounds like you are off to a great start in terms of grades. Now in terms of taking classes with A&P, have you ever taken a memorization-intensive class before? How confident do you feel in your science knowledge? A&P often challenges students due to these reasons but it is completely doable. If possible, I would recommend you take lighter courses alongside A&P since it will demand a lot of time.

You are also wise to tread carefully (as you pointed out) in terms of not overburdening yourself. The pacing and work required in nursing school often catches students off guard so this so this is the time to figure out what sort of studying style works for you, especially for lectures with lengthy powerpoints such as A&P (most likely) -- it'll be harder to refine your study skills in nursing school. Also, remember to take care of yourself too -- stress will come with the courseload and you also have mom responsibilities so knowing how to unwind in a healthy way will be invaluable!

To me, it sounds like you know what you are getting into and you are approaching this in a careful manner. That's wonderful! Do post again if you have any specific questions. I wish you the best.


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This is my first semester, so is there a general science class I should take before hopping into A&P? My advisor knows my situation but she is really wanting me to do it next semester...also probably because it's her class. Other than the 5 classes I'm taking right now that is all I have ever taken. This is my first semester so I'm new at everything.

I am sure I will have a lot of questions lol I know I do but can't think of them right now. Everyone just tells me A&P is intense so I want to prepare myself.