in need of some major encouragement


I started my nursing program in January... passed the first semester but had to withdraw from the second and now i have to retake it in the summer. In an attempt to regain my confidence I signed up for a CNA test. I passed the written portion with flying colors .. but I failed the clinical portion on one section. I DID THE WRONG LEG FOR RANGE OF MOTION :( It's killing me because I KNOW BETTER. It said to do right lower extremity but I did left because I was so anxious I wasn't even thinking about it.:uhoh3:

What's even worse is I already passed that portion of the RN program.. the whole bed pans, ROM, etc and I challenged the CNA test but this makes me feel like i'm not capable of anything I just want to give up all together. My confidence is hanging by a thread here.


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Don't give up...some of the best nurses out there stumbled through nursing school when they were trying to become RNs. I know you may feel like nursing isn't for you right now, but I'm also a nursing student and I've talked to many seasoned nurses that say school isn't anything like the real nursing world. I have friends that failed in courses and it knocked the wind out of them for a moment, but they are now well on their way to graduate in December of this year and haven't looked back since that rough moment they had last summer. Just pray about it and ask God for the direction and confidence you will need to hold your head high and finish your program successfully. :)


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Hang in there. These things happen and they may slow you down, but you can deal with it and still get through. Test taking nerves cause a lot of problems in nursing school, so you are not alone. It sounds like this is what you really want to do, so take a deep breath and figure out what to do next. From a personal standpoint, I can tell you that meditation and relaxation tapes in the evenings plus a few deep breaths throughout the day really helped me to calm down. Good luck to you!

I think everyone has ups and downs in nursing school. I had to retake Med Surg 2 and had to wait a WHOLE YEAR in order to retake it. I almost gave up several times, but didn't. I went back and now I'm about ready to graduate in July. I'm so happy to overcome the tough times in nursing school. Everyone experiences tough times. YOU CAN DO IT!! Hugs!