need to lump my travel nurse experience. plz look at my resume and gimme advice

Nurses General Nursing


mickey mouse

200 south mouse


phone number



Ÿ ten years of nursing experience (5 years rn; 5 years lpn)

Ÿ nursing specialty: medical/oncology

Ÿ several years of charge nurse experience

Ÿ well-organized and efficient

Ÿ self-motivated and assertive


annony hospital city /state

rn (staff nurse; oncology)

10-09 ---11-10

annony hosp city/state

rn (staff nurse; medical/oncology)

5-08--- 6-09

travel company(saint francis hospital) city/state

rn (travel nurse; medical/surgical)

2-08 --- 5-08

travel company(good samaritan hospital) city/state

rn (travel nurse; medical/surgical

)9-07 ---1-08

travel company(cedars-sinai hospital) city/state

rn (travel nurse; oncology)

1-07 ---9-07

travel company(greenwich hospital) city/state

rn (travel nurse; oncology)

7-06 ---1-07

travel company(saint mary's hospital) city/state

rn (travel nurse; med/surg)

2-06 --- 7-06

travel company(cedars-sinai hospital) city/state

rn/lpn (travel nurse; oncology)

6-05 --- 2-06


mouse university illinois

bsn -- in process

december 2010

mouse community colleg, illinois

aas-adn (nursing)


license:registered professional nurse:

license number xxxxxxxxxx

expires 5/31/2012


I'm not sure if this would be OK to do or not, but instead of listing each company, could you put something like "travel nurse - various companies" and then just list each hospital and date but not the company? Then in the interview, you could go into further detail? Usually on the application you have to list references so you could list 3 companies or so of the companies there.

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