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So I'm currently a second year student in community college and it was my dream to transfer to UCLA nursing program but I just found out that it's pretty impossible for me now since one of the administrators at the UCLA school of nursing said they only accepted 2 students for this coming fall with GPAs of 3.97 and 4.0 which i dont have.

So now I'm thinking towards University of San Francisco? or UC Irvine.

But are there any other California colleges that offer nursing BSN? Like UCLA, USF, and UCI? When I checked the school lists on, it was schools like University of Phoenix and Azusa Pacific which I'm not really interested in.

I'm interested in a college campus with dorms and other students. Not a school where you drive there and then go home after. Because I want to have the college experience that I didn't get to have since I'm going to community college.


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Go to the board of nursing website for California and find their list of all approved BSN programs. Then you can individually visit each school's website and figure out which ones meet your criteria. If you just ask here on Allnurses, some great schools that meet your needs might not ever get mentioned. Good luck.

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The California State Universities are less expensive...examples...

SCULong Beach

SCU Fullerton


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omg thank you thank you!! :D

this list helps me out soo much :bow:

now i just gotta do some research and mark down the application deadlines haha

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