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I have been looking for a job in Jacksonville since april and have even had any hits. I have 6 months experience on a pedatric floor but my husband has been transfered. I really like peds but at this point I am willing to accept anything. I have been applying online and emailing recruiting at all the major hospitals but they are treating me like I have no experience at all. What else should I do?


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This is the federal government website. I am sure you will get better odds applying at NASJAX using military spouse priveledge. (I assume the term "transferred" indicated military....if I am wrong, sorry....but BTW, you can still apply for the govt. job)

Good Luck!


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Try medical staffing places in JAX


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Hi hollyrn08, apparently I am in the same boat as you are. Right now I have been searching for jobs in Jax, preferably on the Naval base since about March, putting in applications for every job that is avalable, online, emailing, faxing and mailing. I received one call back from a usajobs post for a outpatient clinic in jax. You can try the VA website for jobs, ACPOL, USAJOBS is a great one also. Good Luck, We are in Oklahoma right not and will be moving to JAX in three weeks for good, but I am scared because I have not found a job yet.

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