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Need interventions and rationales

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I am having a terrible time finding interventions and rationales for anything related to end stage renal failure. I am using the diagnosis of Ineffective renal tissue perfusion, I actually got it from your website. However I can find no rationales for it. I have looked under urinary and the only thing listed there is about incontinence.

Daytonite, BSN, RN

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there is information on writing a care plan on this sticky thread in the general nursing student discussion forum:

when writing care plans as a student you should follow the nursing process. interventions target the symptoms (defining characteristics) the patient has that are the evidence supporting why they have ineffective tissue perfusion, renal (the correct nanda way to write this diagnosis). this website lists some of the defining characteristics (symptoms) for this: [color=#3366ff]ineffective tissue perfusion specify type: renal, cerebral, cardiopulmonary, gastrointestinal, peripheral. you should be able to find rationales in nursing textbooks by using the index at the back of the book. for example, if one of your patient's symptoms was anuria (no urine formation), i would look in the index of my textbook for "anuria" to see what information it had to say. i would also do a search on the internet. thinking about this, no urine formation means the patient wouldn't be putting out any fluid, so what is happening to the fluid they drink?

all interventions must relate to and treat the symptoms that support the specific nursing diagnosis. it helps to have looked up the pathophysiology of end stage renal disease as well.

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