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I have no experience on the units you speak of being a policy and proceedure driven person I have to see it in policy to clarify. I assume your policies are most likely on the intranet there?

Always never hesitate to call the Dr.

Let us know what you find out.



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I disagree with everyone!!!!

What I do is I call the MD. That is it! I will go over every med on that darn mAR including any IV fluids. Don't you dare back yourself in a corner. With 2 minutes talking with the Doctor, you have a safe, sound decision where the Dr. does it all.


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and gave appropriate response when it was originally posted!

Call the doctor! Any time for anything that there needs to be a doctors order for call the doctor. Probably both things you did were ok if it is unit protocol and in the bigger sense your preceptor is ultimately responsible while you are in orientation but you should learn to do things the right way. I always call a doctor if I need an order I don't care if it is a simple tylenol for temp which I know he will order and when I call I just explain that right away. in your situation I would have called d/c'd pts doc and said I know you wrote the script but I need a one time order to give the guy something to hold him ovwer until he gets a chance to get it filled. On the other one I would just called and sorry to bother but you neglected to write continue same meds which I assume you want but I thought I would be sure. If a doctor gets angry that is his/her problem they became docs and they can deal with it!

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