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Hi all,

I am working on putting together a scavenger hunt style game for our freshman orientation later this month. Last year, we had a scavenger hunt, but it was for stupid stuff like paper clips and pencils and stuff. We wanted to make this one more medical in nature and have like NCLEX style questions that they had to answer to kind of get the freshmen in the swing of things. We were going to set out some books and stuff. So, I was wondering what kind of information you all out there would consider including in a game such as this (major body systems, pharmacology, etc -- I need basically 5 major areas that we'll have 3 questions for in each area). ANY input is appreciated - I have to present this to the other class officers tomorrow! Thanks! :eek:

Main Muscles (glutes, delts, etc.)

Popular veins? Medial Cube, popliteal, etc.)

What about focusing your Pharm section on the 5 rights? like give them a drug, and patient age and body weight, and have them figure what the dosage would be, the route, ADRs?

this might sounds kinda gross, but for OB my profs had a lab project set up for us with attends, chucks, OB pads, a basin with cows blood, and we had to estimate how many CCs in was on the pads and other things. The closest person got a prize. Worked extremely well!

Since they will be freshmen, I wouldn't make it too in depth. Maybe somethings like a BP cuff, Stethoscope, etc. Maybe a competition with hand washing and the instructor's could be the judges...break into teams......have the door prizes for the winning teams be something like a "be prepared for school" welcome kit. This kit might contain things like a list of good A&P websites, a package of cammomilt (sp?) tea, etc. etc.

Have some "black" boxes where they put their hands inside and try to guess what it is....ling sausage for intestines etc. Just some fun games that they will remember when times get tough.

Just some suggestions!! Let me know how it turns out because I have to "head up" the open house for new freshman in the fall too!

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