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I need some straight talk; my mother is on hospice, I had to put her in a LTC facility last week. She spent five days in what started out as respite care but was later upgraded to "acute" statis to get control of symptoms. They told me a week ago to call in any family she might want to see because she wouldn't know anyone by the weekend. She went nine days without eating and was switched to all sublingual meds and injections because she was having trouble swallowing. Then on the ninth day of this she started eating again! She ate soup, or oatmeal or cream of wheat the last 3 out of four days. Today I went in and she was sitting in a chair!

My question is this: she is developing bed sores, a kidney infection (slight) and is completely miserable (so is the family). How long can this go on? Eight months ago the doctors said 1 to 3 months. Her limbs are warm, no mottling, no bluish nails, she can suddenly swallow soup (probably not pills).

How long can this go on? Are there any other signs to look for? How miserable can a patient be and still go on?

Please....any insight would be helpful.

P.W. Kansas


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It's hard to predict for sure. If she is eating she may be around for awhile. I use to work at a hospice and we had a patient who was expected to die in 6 months and she lived for 3 years. Do not worry. God will take her when and only when it is her time to go.

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what is the diagnosis that qualified her for hospice?

a little more info would be helpful.


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Have you spoken to any of the Hospice nurses about the death and dying process? When my grandfather was on hospice, they gave us a book about death and dying which was really helpful. I can't recall the name, but it went over the different stages and what we might see.

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