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Can anyone give me information on Peritoneal Dialysis. My manager has offered to train me in this specialty ( I currently do HD). Is it mostly teaching? Is there alot of acute care? I would like to gather some info before I accept the offer. Anything you can tell me about PD would be greatly appreciated!!



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I don't do PD, I do HD. But, in the unit where I work, the PD nurses are much more relaxed and get to take their breaks, much slower pace, less stress from what I can tell.


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We do CAPD on the floor. There is a CAPD unit in our hospital that deals with new PD patients, is that the type of area you will be working if you accept?


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You will HAVE to get the details from your manager.I have done both acute and ON CALL. The main CAPD nurse did the teaching. It is much slower paced,you do have to be able to teach. As on call nurse,I had to be available 24 hr a day and be able to answer the most stupid questions without showing emotion-such as "I am sick,should I go to work?" or I didn't get my blood pressure medicine until this afternoon and it was due this morning, Should I take it now?" The answer being "Is your blood pressure high? Do you only take it once a day?"ETC I have also done emergency CAPD in the hospital when they wanted continuous dialysis,especially when the pt needed IV antibiotics. ASK questions before you start.


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I love doing PD. Its much like doing a IV. Drain then fill.

I work in LTC and had a Pt on a cycler which beeped and alarmed over and over. PD that drained and filled much like a IV was much easier. A dialysis Tech Rn had to train us and I was scared to do it at first but now its like old hat.

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PD is pretty basic, pretty simple.. a lot of teaching initially, then being available for follow up or questions/concerns. You do get to establish a close relationship with the patient through the teaching, which is nice. You may also be the contact person for your pt.'s supplies.. may vary from place to place. Also a lot will depend on what kind of company/facility you will be working for.

Most PD nurses I've talked to love it.. check it out.

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