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Need help with time management


I am always behind schedule. I'm almost always the last to finish, and I have only one patient! Can someone please give me advice on how they plan out their day? Like you listen to report, review Doc's notes, do assessment, breakfast, document, meds, finish assessment/do intervention, document, bedbath, document. It sounds so simple but I don't know why I can never get it all done or on time. Please help with advice. Thanks. Oh yea my clinicals are 5 hours, but I still can't get all that done with one patient. This worries me greatly.

Daytonite, BSN, RN

Specializes in med/surg, telemetry, IV therapy, mgmt. Has 40 years experience.

you are not alone. here is a previous thread on this subject:

some helpful weblinks (and these are not specific to nursing):

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