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i am a nurse with bachelor degree with 7 years of experience from jordan but right know i I am working in Saudi Arabia since 3 years back I have apply for immigration to Canada but finally with a lot of patience am waiting the visa son but my problem I cant decide where I have to stay in canada even i don't know any body there to advice me so please I need your advice which is the easiest cheapest safest city to practice nurse in canada??? i have been 3 weeks searching for the answer of my question i could not have answer yet please i need you help



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Maybe posting in the Canada forum will give you better help. I live in the US but we boarder Canada and we have some staff come here to work from Canada. Most of the staff I work with is from the Windsor,Ontario,Canada. Have you checked out the larger cities like Toronto, Montreal (They speak French), Ottawa, Edmenton, Calgary, or Vancouver?

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Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton are expensive cities to live in and even though many IENs find it difficult to become licensed and find work, they are still popular cities for many new immigrants. Stay and work in Saudi Arabia and complete as many steps as possible to become licensed before moving to Canada. You will need at least $11,000 to live off of when you first move to Canada.

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What do you want out of your life in Canada? It is huge and have some many different climates like ocean, mountain, rural and prairies. Then it may make it a bit easier on deciding which province works for you

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Agree with silverdragon, also do you plan to drive your own car or use public transportation? The type of transportation you plan to use, will impact your choice of city size, small cities do not usually have adequate public transportation.