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Need help studying but can't post my lecture notes


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I wanted to post my powerpoint lecture from lecture and see if someone could take a look at it and give me some pointers on how to study this? The tests are still a little hard for me to study for, if I could get a few opinions I would really appreciate it. It's hard to get away from studying the only way I know how which is a straight word definition...I used to be able to learn very well by flashcards but for some reason it doesn't help at all now. One more thing I can't figure out how to post my saved powerpoint in my post?

Thank you

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Try the help desk.....they will help you. GO to the bottom of the page and click on help desk.

as to the help studying, if you have always been a flash card memorizing kind of learner you will find that while that will work for some things in nursing school (like lab values and drugs) this sort of memorization material will be less and less featured as you proceed through the semesters.

you will need to transition over to being a process learner, looking at the big picture and seeing where those memorized facts fit in and the decisions you have to make using them and your individual assessment findings.

memorizers find this sort of synthesis difficult sometimes, so start now to read looking specifically for rationales as well as data points. start now to work on this skill; you will not succeed without it.