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Need help in reporting at shift change


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I'm a fairly new graduate and I am having a hard time getting my info together for shift change/reporting. We are currently using the SBAR which I hate. Does anyone else have a cheat sheet or form that I could possibly use during the day to make reporting easier?


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I've attached a pdf for your review. We're using this flow during our clinicals and I like it. Good luck!


i was reading one of the other threads and they have advice as to organization and giving reports at end of shift sample cheat sheets.

The thread is called "How to organize your brains" - just type that into the search function.

We have a great 'form' but I can't see where to attach a word doc... ? help me with the tech part and I will share my form, I find it very useful, even though I am still a student!

Don't overthink it..I see so many new grads who have complicated papers, write in 3 different color pens etc. Not sure if you use computer charting, we do and a lot of the nurses will print out a report sheet that has ALL the info you would ever need, labs, vitals, hx and bottom half of paper is lined so you can write down what you need to during the day. I use a blank sheet of paper, fold it in thirds. Then in half. I can fit 6 pts info on one sheet of paper.

Mr. Smith

65 Dr. Jones



VS Q4___ F__

NS @100

Accu 7__ 11__

Meds 9___ 15___

That is it...I don't need nor do I want you to tell me the patients entire H&P, just give me the facts and what you did for him on your shift and what I need to follow up on..I can read the rest of the info in the computer. Don't make it more complicated than it needs to be. Good Luck!!

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