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Need help/possibly may have to drop out of program


I need help. I have been looking for job over a year.:crying2: (in healthcare and outside of healthcare) in St. Louis area and I have not been able to find anything despite the many hospitals and other employers we have in this area. I know the economy is bad but I thought I might have a chance of finding something since I am a nursing student about ready to finish first semester clinicals.

People say network but I don't know or can't ask others about finding jobs, it sounds like I am begging.

I would appreciate any input.


I know the uncomfortable feeling, but think of it this way. You aren't asking someone for a job. You are asking someone to help you get an interivew. You are responsible for getting the job. Most of my jobs have been because of someone I know. Your instructors are great resource. At least in my program, most of the faculty also worked in a local hospital even if it was 1-2 days per month. They have the pulse of the hospitals.

Have you looked for positions on Craigslist? I have found several jobs on Craigslist and right now for the St. Louis area there are many jobs that would be perfect for a nursing student such as a Home Health Aide. I put myself through nursing school while working as a home health aide and I would recommend it to anyone who is in nursing school, because you get to be working in your field of study but also there is some downtime where you can do your homework and study, especially if you pick up a respite case. Good luck to you in your job search and I hope you are able to stay in your nursing program it will all be worth it when you graduate! :nurse: