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i need help please

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by zineb19861 zineb19861 (Member)

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hi evryone

am new here from another contry my english is so so

am intresed in nursing program i went to delaware community college and they said that i must take placemet test and stady english and math and all this staf before i take the TEAS test for apply for nurssing but this sound long time and need mony

i want go to gollege or school dos not cost alot and dos not take along time because i have family and i need to work as soon as possible

I live in the upper darby corner of dalaware . Can anyone give advice



i heard about lpn but i dont know what means this program ?

and i read about cna program Can anyone tell me about free cna programs in the area?



thank you

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ParkerBC,MSN,RN works as a Assistant Professor.

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Good evening.

First, allow me to start off with why the school wants you to study English and Math. The TEAS test is generally an entrance test to the nursing program. Studying Math and English will increase your chances of doing well on the exam and getting into the nursing program.

The LPN is also a nurse. Her/his responsibilities are different. Often schools will be able to provide you with information about the differences. If not, you can search it on the internet. I am certain that the LPN program will also require you to take some sort of entrance exam. You might be in the same situation as going the RN route.

As far as free CNA courses, I have never heard of that. Generally facilities will pay for you to attend class providing you work for them for a certain amount of time. Your state may also have a program that will pay for your classes as well. Check with your state’s Department of Workforce Development.

I hope this helps.

Good luck to you J

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nurse2033 works as a RN, paramedic.

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Just to clarify an LPN stands for lisenced practical nurse, it is usually a 2 year program. They are a nurse but have less of a scope of practice and lower pay than an RN. CNA (certified nursing assistant) is much shorter and at least allows you to work in a health care setting. English will be key to your success. There are many ESL programs that you should get involved in as soon as possible while you figure out the rest. Good luck.

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JustBeachyNurse has 10 years experience as a RN and works as a Nurse.

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Many affordable LPN programs also have pre-requisites and entrance exams. Public schools are more affordable but often have longer wait lists. There are private schools, but the cost is significantly higher. If you completed your secondary education in another country, your transcripts will also likely need to be evaluated prior to acceptance even in a pre-nursing program.

When I took my pre-LPN program entrance exam earlier this year, prospective students who were not fluent or comfortable with English had a very difficult time completing the exam.

I don't believe there are as many free CNA programs as there were years ago as the market has changed. Some vocational schools & colleges offer programs as a CNA or PCT that you can pay for.

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