Need help with pharm calculations- iv flow rates

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Can anyone help me solve this iv calculation, I don't really know how to work with the 50mg

Zantac 50 mg in 100 mL normal saline intravenous piggyback administered over 15 min. The tubing drop factor is 15 gtt/mL.

Calculate how many gtt/min should be delivered per manual


no need to use the information of 50mg.

gtt/min = total mL to be infused * drip factor / total min to infuse


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The Zantax 50 mg is riding along in 100 ml of normal saline. But for this problem, your instructions are to infuse the 100 ml of solution in 15 minutes. And the drip factor is 15 gtt/ml. So all you need to worry about is how to set the drop rate to get 100 ml in there in 15 minutes.

The calculation is as stated, above ^

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This is very easy. You have 100mL that needs to go in over 15 min on a 15gtts. So 15gtts=1mL. So you can take the 15's and cancel them out and your drip rate will be 100 drops a min or 6.67mL/min. To check the math, 6.67 x 15 = 100mL. On a pump it would be at 400mL/hr.

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