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i need to know who offers online the option to become and rn. i know clinicals will have to be done but i want to be able to most of the classwork online. il. is passing a bill that will soon start to allow this method of learning in order to take nclex and get your license. i would appreciate any ideas or options you have. i have checked out college network and they don't allow grants for first part of program and there is no way i can afford the payments they are wanting a month. if you know of somewhere else please, please, let me know.






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Hi, Angelia!!!

First off, you want to avoid publishing companies that try to look like schools. Either they are selling an unneeded liaison service with a school (often Excelsior College) or you will "graduate" but not be able to take your boards because they are not actually a school.

The College Network is one of those that is not a school, and you do not need them to become an RN, no matter what their little cheesy letters tell you (they finally quit sending them to me :stone ).

You might see if there is a local program in a community college as those are the ones where you might actually have a shot at a grant.

You might also check out Excelsior College. Since you are already an LPN, you have the clinical background and experience they are looking for (not just anybody can get in). From what I can gather, they are probably the most reasonably priced, although school doesn't come cheap.

At least with Excelsior, you can still work, maybe put in an extra shift a payperiod and that might make your monthly payment for tuition and fees. You might also look into student loans. You don't pay those back til after you graduate, and some hospitals (maybe most) will either offer a sign-on bonus or an "educational reimbursement package" of a couple of thousand dollars, so that can take a big bite out of repayment.

Do check out Excelsior College. They did very right by me and a lot of us on this BB.

In any case, before you pay anybody even a nickel, even the cost of an application for admission, make double sure they are a "real" school, that they are accredited either by the NLN (National League for Nursing) or by the CCNE (Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education).

The first group accredits all levels of nursing ed. The second one, only bachelors and masters programs.

Here is a link you might find helpful in your search:

Good luck!

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