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I am trying to get into a traditional LPN program at a local school. I talked with someone from deaconess nursing school and she told me that they had an ADN degree to be an RN. She said you do all your work online and that a RN at a local hospital will be teaching you everthing ontop of that. She said it was hard to get into because so many was trying. I want advice now because I don't won't to make a mistake. What would you do? :uhoh3:


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Hi, you have to already have your LPN at most distance schools to get into their RN programs...I think it's the same for Deaconess. Maybe you could go ahead and get your general ed courses out of the way while you're waiting to get into LPN school? Good luck. :)


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I talked with the people at deaconess yesterday and she said that you did not have to have your LPN. She said you could get the RN from them with a PN component. That means do the lpn program with them and she said you sit for the LPN boards. You keep going until you finish the RN. She said it would take me two years in all to complete all of it. She said since they were the only school that offered this that it was hard to get in.


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I believe Deaconess does offer an LPN componant.

Good luck to you

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