Need Help Memorizing Pressors?

Memorizing pressors and antihypertensives for the NCLEX, CCRN, or ICU nursing position can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be! Nurses General Nursing Article

Need Help Memorizing Pressors?

I will share some memory tricks and mnemonics to help you understand which alpha drugs do what and how to remember them!

As an ICU nurse preceptor, I often have new nurses ask me how I remember all of the drugs we use. Knowing the drugs you are giving and how they work is super important, but rote memorization is not only difficult but also inefficient. Some people carry badge cards with notes, but accessing this information can be cumbersome and won't help you on the NCLEX or CCRN exam. I have developed some useful mnemonics and memory tricks for learning and remembering the alpha receptor drugs, including pressors and antihypertensives. Perhaps you already know that levophed is a pressor, but does it cause increased heart rate? How does it affect afterload? How is it different than dopamine? I created a helpful video not only answering these questions, but also teaching you how to remember the information long past any exam.

This video focuses on alpha 1 receptor agonists, which includes pressors like epinephrine, norepinephrine, and neosynephrine. I also go over alpha 2 agonists including precedex and clonidine, and alpha 1 blockers, like labetalol, carvedilol. Sound overwhelming? Watch my video and you will know them in no time!


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Nice stuff and it's just what I needed! Is internet marketing a side project of yours? (I'd like to PM you, but it says your inbox is full and you'd need to empty some messages before I could send one.)

Thanks! I just cleared out my inbox :). Since I am fairly new to allnurses it may not let me PM back yet. So, please include your email in the PM and I will get back to you!


thanks for posting! I'm in the beginning stages of studying for the CV-BC exam, and I'm sure a lot of these drugs will be on the exam. Will definitely be following on youtube.

Thank you for following! All of the videos in my vasoactive series should be relevant to what you are studying! Let me know if there are specific areas you want help memorizing.

Thank You Lauren,

It was very Informative.

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I really enjoyed this video! Very informative, yet very easy to understand. Please make more!

Thank you! Please let me know if there are any topics you would like me to cover!