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Hello everyone,

My passion is to help people and work in the medical field. My ultimate goal is get my bsn and later go back to school and become a nurse practitioner. I have completed all of my prequites for the adn or bsn progrqm, except three. I am hqving a hard time choosing a nursing path. Because I did horrible in human anatomy l and ll( I recieved a c in both course). I do not feel I would be competitive candidate for the local rn or bsn program in my area. The school I am currently attending will allow me to re take these course but the problem is: I will be charged out of state fees which is 373 per credit hour (373 x 4=993.. per class). I do not have the money. Here my options.

My options are:

Option 1: Attend keiser university adn program for a toal of 20 month with prequites included. Yes keiser is now an accredited college. (starts in may)

OOption 2: Attend a lpn school that cost 20,000 to 27,000. Later bridge throught local community college program. (starts in march)

Thank everyone for options. :)

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Another option that you have is to apply to the programs that you want to apply to and see if you get in. If you are expecting to not get entry into either one of those, you could follow the path that you currently have in front of you or you could find another school that would allow you to retake anatomy and physiology for a better grade and apply it to your application for next time.

Yet another option if you are young enough to make it viable, is to forgo nursing/nurse practitioner and apply to medical school and see if you can do that instead. I only say this because nurse practitioners are essentially a mid-level practitioner of medicine and if you are going to devote several years of study and practice to the art and science of what will essentially be medicine with a nursing background, why not go for medical school instead?

You may have already gone through the positives and negatives of medicine vs. nursing/nurse practitioner and come up with your own answer to that question, but it is something that I felt that I should bring up simply because you want to go into that part of patient care.

Good luck! I sincerely hope that you find your answer.

When I first started college after high school. I goal in college at fist was to go to medical school and become a pediatrician. I had to change my goal due to the fact that life hit me. towards the third year of college I gave birth to my first child. The following year I had my second child. After having children i have stopped going to school and changed my career goal to nursing . Because this route is much faster than becoming a doctor. I now have two children at the age 22 with no college degree. I am very impatient and would like to achieve a career really soon. Also I need more money to provide for my children.

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Well, then this is probably somewhat close to the basic path you might take through completing your NP. I would suggest because you're not quite finished with completing your prerequisites that you finish them and find a way to retake your A&P courses for credit without having to pay so much per unit for it. Since you've had them before, you may be able to get away with retaking the courses concurrently. I would say that you should apply to the programs that you may be even remotely qualified to get into. I would skip high-dollar (and debt) programs because they'll put you into significant debt and if they're considered student loans, you won't be able to discharge them with a bankruptcy. Even retaking the courses at your current school would be less expensive.

So, let's assume you apply to a program and you're able to start this Fall. You'll spend about 2 years (4-5 Semesters) in nursing school to earn a degree. Once you're done, try for a BSN upgrade, if you're not already a BSN. You'll need to work for a year or two anyway, so you're looking at 3-4 years from now for strong entry to an MSN program. Then another 2-3 years doing your NP and at graduation you're looking at around 6-7 years from when you started. The good news is that your debt load might not be too bad, assuming you're able to work while going to school.

Now if you go to Medical School, you'll be finishing a Bachelor's Degree, passing the MCAT (that's 2 years from now), and if you're admitted to Medical School, you're looking at 4 years of school (6 total from now), and another 3 for post-grad training. You'll at least get a small stipend as a Resident... so that's around 9 years from now. You're realistically looking at a 2-3 year difference to your end goal and quite a bit of debt along they way if you choose this route. The upside to this is that you'll have an unrestricted medical license and therefore you won't ever be practicing medicine without a license...

On the other hand, you'll have more opportunity to choose your career path, or change it, by going into nursing. Just bear in mind that by going into NP, you'll be specializing quite a bit and you'll need some re-training to switch specialties.

Given that you're looking to be a Mid-Level Practitioner, have you considered PA? They're necessarily dependent practitioners, but you could theoretically be working as a PA in about 4-5 years from now... Just a thought!

Ultimately, you know your own situation best, and only you can really make that final decision. Just be wary of piling on student debt because when you graduate, often you must start making payments whether or not you have a job...

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22? you are super young with lots of time...Firstly what I'm wondering is the same as the first reply, how can you eliminate your options without even giving your schools of choice a chance to accept or deny you? That could be a mistake. Frankly I don't like the two options you listed. Especially because you seem to be very ambitious and driven and Especially the expensive Keiser option just for an ADN. Don't settle for less than you want because you think time is running away.

Another option is to continue what you are doing at the current school and get your AA degree, then apply to nursing programs. Use that to transfer to your school of choice for BSN. The reason for getting the AA is firstly it shows that you completed the minimum requirement for entry to University, second, you will be able to add other science electives to improve your chances and your GPA. Maybe add a intro pharmacology and intro pathophysiology course to the AA, just promise yourself to get A's in all of these. Third an AA improves your chances of getting into nursing school rather than just using the prereqs. Yes this will add more time to your schedule but in the long run if you get into a BSN program with a transfer AA it will take less time to complete than an ADN.

When I first applied to nursing school I never thought I would get into my first choice University because my GPA was not great. These days interviews also make a difference so don't sell you self short.

If you don't like the AA option at least apply to the ADN/BSN schools that you really want to go to and give it your best shot first and if that doesn't workout look for another plan. FYI, I got denied from an ADN school of choice and accepted to my BSN school of choice. You just never know.

I would love to go to medicial school , physicians assistant schools or to even apply at my local colleges for nursing.. I am afraid of rejection, because of my low science. After reading several of the post on this mesaage boards of my local college (fscj, ju, unf, sjrsc) of students who were accepted. Their is no way I stand a chance against students who apply with a 3.0 or higher. If I were to apply to thw local colleges in my city and if I were deined acceptance. I am back where I started at not wprking towards a degree. I havebmany different ways to gwt around retaking the human anatomy l + ll with no luck. I keep ending up the sqme spot, I am focused to pay state fees to retake these course. Thanks you both for your options . You both make really good points. I just would really start school soon because I feel like such a failure. I cant wait to start on a career and finally achieve a degree.

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Getting in would be the easy part. If you have such an inadequate grasp of the sciences, getting through any medical curriculum will be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

I have decided to finish up my prequites . I will no longer be afraid of failure and at least try. I will apply to the local college nursing programs in my city and hopefully I will be accepted. Wish me luck

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I have decided to finish up my prerequites. I will no longer be afraid of failure and at least try. I will apply to the local college nursing programs in my city and hopefully I will be accepted. Wish me luck

YOU are generally the only one truly holding YOU back. If you choose to not try, then you choose failure. I applied to school 15 times over 4 years to get in. If I had stopped before that, I wouldn't now be just 3 months away from graduation.

Aww that is very inspirational. Thqnk you for your great advice. Also congratulations on graduating I truly wish you the best :)

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