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I am currently going to school at night and have been for the last four years. I am to the point that I am done with all my pre-reqs. Now I have to move on to the real thing, I have been accepted at two schools, the problem is the money. I currently work for eight cardiology doctors as a nursing assistant. They have all pushed me very hard and believe in my ability. I have been through thick and thin to get to this point I had to leave a unsupportive husband he didn't get why I had to study all the time. It gets so frustrating because everyday I learn something new at my job, I basically do everything the nurses do of course with their supervision, and help. I make good money for what I do, and they seem like they are going to work with me about working part time and so on. I am just scarred to death I know I can do it. I started from the very bottom from a unit secretary to a nursing assistant learning everything I know from people who honestly knew I could do it. So my problem is I dream about being able to finally go to school full time and work part time if possible. It just seem like a huge step, because when you turn 29 your parents really don't want to support you and you really have no choice but to do it if you really want your dreams to come true. I read some old post about people disliking the choices they made about being a nurse, and I want to just cringe because I want to be that person a nurse so bad. I just need to hear from some other people that have honestly did it not for the money, but because of their ability to help people and make a diffrence in somebodies life. I know it is hard to keep that attitude everybody gets frustrated with life and what they choose to do but then it wouldn't be called life. Help


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Sounds like you're going to do just fine. Have you looked into any grants or scholarships to help out? I know where you're coming from as I collected alluminum cans, sold my serum, hocked everything just to get through school. I was 25 yrs old with a child to support. Believe me, it was definitely worth all the sacrifices just to get that pin and certificate. Now, I'm an old nurse, without any regrets. Making a difference in someone's life is more fun than a big paycheck. I'm proud to be a nurse!

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Hi there!I know you will do great!If the desire is there,and it obviously is,you're going to make it.Unfortunately in our field you do come across alot of "picklefaces"But,just when you are ready to throw in the towel a special patient comes along to remind you why you are there.I once had a run in with a miserable head nurse(well respected in the hospital,but BACKSTABBER)Anyways,she couldn't pick at my nursing abilities so she did a character asassination instead.She said I talked aboout skiing to much,wrote too messy,and was too confident.Good head nurse eh?(I am Canadian)Anyways,I was really down and doubting my career choice one day and the...The day of my Real Estate interview I got a letter from a patient's wife.The patient had expired and I cared for him 2 years prior.She wrote what a beautiful person I am and how their next 2 years together were blessed because they met me!Sounds corny but happens all the time if you love your job and truly care about your patients.You will meet alot of miserable nurses in the future and all you can do is learn from their terrible attitudes and realize they are the ones losing out on a fantatic career choice.I've been nursing for 12 years and I make a point to grab on to all students that come my way and tell them how lucky they are!Good Luck!

Just prove to yourself, that you can and will do it. Graduating from nursing school is HARD for every nurse. That is the ONLY thing we all have in common. Keep focused, and slug it out. No nurse ever made it the easy way, at least to my knowledge. The problem for you, will be when you change your status at work. I believe that you should consider all, or other options on graduation. If the doctor's group want to keep you, make them pay more than going rate. I hope there is a tuition remimbursement at your place of employment. And if you have trouble this year, take another shot! Your preserverance, determination, will make it happen. The degree of nursing allows an individual many opportunities. Find the right one for yourself. At your tender or young age, many obstacles seem huge. Put it in perspective, live the life you want to live. If nursing is what you want, GO FOR IT! I encourage you to graduate. Prove to yourself, and family, that you have what it takes. Listen to others that support you. Others have more confidence in your ability, than you do.

That will make you the true nurse. Under estimating you worth, or contributions to health care. Someday, you will look back on this episode of your life with a smile. Give it your best shot, NO regrets!

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