Need Help Making a Common Medication Sheet for Students

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Hi, I am starting a teaching position, as the medical/surgical clinical instructor in the fall. Part of my goal is to make sure the students know their common medications before starting in the hospital. I have a list started but any help would be appreciated.




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Why not visit the unit, look over the MARS, and pick the 25 most common medications? These you could include in the assignment. Each floor/ unit is different. What is common on one unit may not be seen at all on another floor. This is what I did in creating a similar assignment for my clinical group on a busy rehabilitation unit.


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Thanks Vicky, I am setting up a meeting with the nurse director for that floor and I will ask her. Thanks!

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Ask her if there are protocols for pneumonia, cardiacs, etc. My hospital is going to quite a few standard treatments protocols, with standard meds for each diagnosis.

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don't know if this is helpful, but ( lists the top 100 drugs by sales on its home page page and ( does a list of top 200 drugs by prescription.

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