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Need help in Iloilo, Cagayan De Oro and Bacolod


Hi, I'm going to be traveling in September from my comfort Zone in metro Manila to Iloilo, Cagayan De Oro and Bacolod.

I'm hoping that someone on here lives in one of those areas and can help me out while I'm there for a day or two.

I am traveling for work and just need help locating a few places that are not available to find online and I need a local to help me negotiate a thing or two.

Please PM me if you can help.

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I have a friend in Cagayan if you want

Because of the nature of my work and what I need to do I would really need a nurse or nursing graduate to assist me. Probably only actually need the assistance for one day and can take care of the rest of the time after I get the information and help I need.

PM me if interested or able to help.

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