i need help>>any international nurse already finish from Nclex ????



i`m really confused with the process of getting my ATT. i already registered in pearsonvue and they told me i have to wait for my att in order to schedule my exam. i got helped from some members in this website when they told me i have to register in board of nursing .but i still need help from people that they alredy went into this process coz i still confuse. i heard also that board of nursing of new jersey is really more complicated from new york, is that corret?. i alredy put Nj when i registered in pearsonvue, what if i want to change it to Ny?

if anybody went through this frustrated process can help me, i`ll appreciate it very much


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Hi I went through the process first of all u need to go to the board of registered nursing website of the state u want to take test in and btw its all the same NY/NJ so choose wt ever . Then read the nclex exam application there are many thing that u have to send the board before they can give u an ATT (like ur BS certificate/ pay a fee and many other things) . When they issue u the ATT then u can go to Pearsion and schedule ur test . That was the process in California but I'm pretty sure it's all the same) make sure to ask about the social security number cuz some states require u to have one and others dont. just sayin :) Good luck