Need help with gonorrhea research paper


Hello everyone, I could really use some ideas for my research paper. I am done with it (general research about the disease, how it is spread, whom it affects, symptoms....). The end of the paper should contain 2 original questions that I have to come up with. I am drawing a blank. I don't think a question like "How come people still get it when there is so much info on it/or there are prevention methods available...?" is very intelligent :idea: I can't think of anything fresh and intriguing... Any ideas? I would really appreciate them. TIA

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Specializes in Staff nurse. about any changes in the trends of who gets it? As compared to the past few decades women


socio-economics and/or life styles?

do people come for treatment earlier or later than the last few decades?

is it found alone or with other STD's?

treatment trends different?

...and really, why DO people still get it? Abstinence apparently isn't being used.

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After reading about all the research that has been done so far, do you have any ideas about studies that should be done? For example "More research is needed in the area of ____."

Good luck!

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