Need help finding patho for diabetes


This may seem like a simple question but im making a concept map for Hypoglycemia and my professor informed me to do my patho over diabetes leading to hypoglycemia. My text book is not wanting to help me nor is the internet.

Some information- 40yr M, Alcoholic, Diabetes, Appe, Chole, Smokes. He was admitted to the ER with a glucose of 28. He is a alcoholic and drank his way into the ER.

The previous map I completed was over:

Cholecystitis and my patho was-

-Ingestion of fatty foods in diet

-cholesterol travels to gallbladder and liver via small intestine

-ratio of cholesterol to bile acids & phospholipids increase

-supersaturation of cholesterol in biliary tree

-biliary stasis occurs due to the large amounts of fat inside the biliary tree & gallbladder to form sludge

-Calcium, pigment & cholesterol crystalize to form gallstones in the gall bladder


-stones obstruct the common bile duct

-concentrated bile causes chemical irritation

-Inflammatory process- WBC's & chemical mediators accumulate

-Venous congestion & lymphatic stasis

-Mucosal swellling & ischemia


this is just a example of my previous map and how I need my diabetes to hypoglycemia to end up. I am just having a lot of trouble finding out information on how diabetes effects the body leading to hypoglycemia. Any information is would greatly help.

Thanks, Brian.


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Let's see what you have so far for your hypoglycemia map.

I had no problem finding the information needed between what I know is in my textbook, NCLEX book and on the internet.


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Do you have a pathophysiology book? I used mine throughout my nursing courses, even though it was a prereq. It comes in really handy. If you still have yours, it might have the information you need. You might also look at how alcohol is processed by the liver, and how glycogen release is affected by alcohol.


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Thank yall, I had a classmate lend me her Patho book. There was even a diagram of it :).


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Suggest you buy your own patho book :) Strange tho, my nursing book had all the pathophysiology in it.

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Both my med surg and pharm book had the patho for diabetes. Both had very good descriptions too. You can also try micromedex (spelling may be wrong). We have used that too. Your college or hospital will need a subscription to it but that is another place you can look. Lippincot has a great patho book. I wish I could afford to buy one, they are like 170 bucks from what I have heard. Good luck.