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Need Help...FINALLY got an interview!!!!


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so after 2 months of applying everywhere around me...i finally got an interview for an lpn position!!:yeah: i really want to nail this ..i really want this job!! i have not been to a nursing interview yet so i was wondering if anyone had some pointers or advice they could offer. what kind of questions should i be prepared to answer? i would appreciate any advice..thanks in advance!! :heartbeat

Congrats on the interview! The question I have the most trouble with is, "what makes you the best candidate for this job?" I always want to say, "I don't know, I haven't met the other candidates to be able to compare myself to them," but that's not what they're looking for. :icon_roll

Being a new nurse, you can say something along the lines of, "I'm fresh out of school, still in learning mode, so I'm not at all set in my ways. I'll be practicing according to THIS organization's policies and procedures, and you don't have to train me out of any bad habits." Think about what set you apart from other students. Were you the one who could calm down the most hysterical family member (empathy)? Could you reposition a post-op TKA patient just so, and help them get the rest they needed (healing touch)? Or were you the one who headed up the fundraising efforts for your pinning ceremony (leadership/initiative/resourcefulness)? Good luck!


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Find out as much as you can about the employer and specifically the position. What are they looking for. What is their mission. The employer needs to know that you can give them what they need. Most facilities have a website which can give you some insight. Ask yourself, what do you want from this job (other than a paycheck). Look up behavioral interviewing. You may not encounter this, but if you can get comfortable with it, you can surely excell in a traditional interview.