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Hello my fellow nurses.. I am new on this group and im so grateful to be part of this growing family..I am presently residing here in northern california and i am an RN in the Philippines. Since i knew that i cant take NCLEX without undergoing to some academic nursing programs, I am planning to take LPN soon. I need help from you guys regarding the requirements i'l be needing to file an exam. I'l be honest to im kinda confuse about the job description of an LPN also if you're generous enough please share which site i could review from to help me pass the test. Please help co nurse...i badly need your advice amd infos.Thank you so much in advance for helping me get start my career real soon.


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I haven't been an LPN, so I can't tell you much about that subject. If there is anyway to skip LPN and go ahead and get your RN I think you would be better off. Not many people hiring LPNs these days.

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Hi @nursehotflushes thank u so much for your advice :) if only i could do that i would ryt away..the thing is i wanna take the step to becoming an lpn first to see how nursing works on a hight tech and high standard country such where i am will give me time to just dealing with people with a different culture as mine.. But thank u for the advice coz i been hearing about the low demand of LPN..i just hope and pray to find way how to start..again thank u so much..


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You'll find all the answers to your questions about becoming an LVN, so called in CA and TX, the other state's used the LPN designation, under the "World" section and then click the "Nurse Registration" tab, it's all there in a few threads, one with step-by-step guide.

Just know that the processing time for all international applicants is currently taking about 9-10 months to receive the ATT.

CA BVNPT does have the same concurrency rules as the CA BRN that's been denying thousands of PH applicants from getting the ATT to take the NCLEX-RN since Nov. 2011, it's not a new rule but rather the strict enforcement of the policy established since 1987. So get in your application quickly as the BVPNT can also start to enforce the regulation at any time, any day.

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Thank you so much for your replies i appreciate it so much..

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