need help! failed twice in nclex rn nevada


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Last week, I took the Nclex RN again hoping to pass it this time although i run out of time answering questions. Most of it where delegation and prioritization, safety and infection control and some of the ecg and drug calculations. Last Saturday I found out on Pearsonvue that I failed, it was heartbreaking failing twice. I feel depressed.

I called in this morning at NEvada BON asking if I have to do a study plan again in regards on taking my nclex for the 3rd time and they told me I need to take a Medical-surgical course. They told me maybe it is because of the 5 year gap after I graduated. I'm a foreign nurse who graduated outside US, but I'm currently residing here in US. I worked as a RN too in the philippines. I also worked as a CNA here in arizona, while trying to get my nclex rn done. I have to quit my job so i can focus on nclex exam.

I'm thinking if I should go to this medical surgical course or should I apply to another state to take nclex. I was almost there and then this happen. I'm running out of money and time.


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States all have their own regulations and requirements for receiving a nursing license from that State. If you do not meet the requirements, you will not be issued a license.

The NCLEX is a national exam; the content will be the same regardless of where you take it. It seems prudent that if you are coming up short (failing) you need to know WHY you have failed the exam so that you can better prepare to take it again.


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I decided to take the Med-surg course. So I called every school here in AZ and finally they told me I need to call UAMC for info. I finally I get ahold of them and told me they don't have it anymore and they won't conduct it next year either. But the good thing is they give me the website for the incoming med-surg course. I was ready to register and I looked at it and it was out of state. They have online courses for med-surg but there's some credits/points by the end of it and I'm doubting which one does the Nevada BON would credit.

So I called Nevada BON again and they told me to wait 45 days for the letter because it will explain to me the requirements needed prior taking the nclex. The advisor didn't really clarify the med-surg course i need and she told me to wait for the letter for proper instructions. BUMMER

Hello prnstat1. I just have a question. When did you apply for NCLEX-RN in NV? Did they require you to provide a Philippine nursing license? I am researching right now before I try to apply there in NV. I've already had enough heartaches applying in CA. I wanna be certain before I apply.

Will wait for your response. Thank you!


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Hello prnstat....... I am currently residing in NV but I applied in NM. I took it twice but I failed. Now I am planning to apply here in my home state. I'm a PI grad too. I have a question, how long is the process? and how was your evaluation with CGFNS? did the board of nursing asked you to do something? Please reply. And also, if you can, you can contact me thru FB. Just add Varry Heramis Uy