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Need help deciding


Specializes in Medical-Surgical- Psych. Has 2 years experience.

I worked in DC for three years on a med-psych unit. I am looking into traveling and got a an interview with a small rural hospital in New Hampshire and might submit another application to Milwaukee hospital in a larger city. (Aurora or Wheaton hospital... Any recommendations).

Which should I chose as a first time traveler? I'm nervous about the rural hospital because I've never been to a facility that has 25 bed- mixed with obgyn, ortho, spinal fusions, MedSurg, birth center etc all mixed together- with just one ED phsycian on call at night. Should I be nervous as my first travel job? They also don't have a rapid response team/code team - the experienced nurses on the floor act as that..

what at should I do?


I don't think the small hospital will stretch your skills much but I would take it over a white bread hospital for the experience.